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Banjol 721a/b, Island of Rab, Croatia, view on Map

Island of Rab

Known as the island of sun, sand, sea and beauty, as well as one of the most verdant islands in the Adriatic, Rab is crisscrossed by more than 100 kilometers of hiking trails and biking paths, allowing you to explore the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape at your own leisurely pace. Rab is consist of 9 beautiful villages: Rab, Banjol, Barbat, Kampor, Suha Punta, Lopar, Mundanije, Palit and Supetarska Draga.

With around 2.600 hours of sunshine a year, Rab is a great location for a holiday. Weather on the island of Rab is pleasant. Warm summers take turns with gentle winters, amounting to a special kind of Mediterranean climate. With 30 sandy beaches Rab is a really Happy Island with a lot of tiny, picturesque coves, recognized by tourists from all over the world, great for the entire family and lovely couples.

A typical day on Rab starts with a healthy breakfast before going to the beach and enjoying sun and sea, followed by a light lunch and a nice nap in the shade of the pines. Of course, some people prefer to bike, hike, even kayak around the island before the sun sets. Before dinner you can go explore numerous shops, souvenir shops and amusement parks, then enjoy in one of 300 restaurants on the Island or relax in cocktail bars.

The entire island’s tourism offer is characterized by superb cuisine in excellent restaurants, inns, taverns, bars, open air and closed cinema, excursions, events, sports, sailing and the hospitality of the local people.

Rab is very special because of the old town Rab and many churches and town squares have not changed their primary role as the center of the cultural living since the Roman days. Every summer you can experience all kinds of happenings on the streets of Rab, from concerts presenting eminent Croatian and international musicians, to open art ateliers and street exhibitions, creating a special vibrant atmosphere. There is a lot of traditions on Rab, but Medieval Summer Festival “Rabska fjera” brings in more than 10.000 tourists every year. During those days (25.-27.07.) streets of Rab become a stage for a medieval festival, where artisans show their craft and products, crossbowmen show their skills in sharpshooting and everybody else just enjoys themselves. Local growers and producers present their crops and homemade food.

Rab is also very attractive to sailors. Marine tourism in Croatia is on the rise and the number of boats sailing the Adriatic during summer is greater than ever. The bays, for daytime anchorage and leisure, the numerous small islands around the island Rab and the favorable winds for those visiting under sail, are the reason why the waters around the island attract boats in the summer. There are two main marinas on the island which offer everything sailors need in terms of infrastructure and comfort.

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